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PSA: Walmart is trying PS5 preorders again at 6PM PT / 9PM ET right here

Image: Walmart

The PS5 pre-order situation has so far been a bit of a mess, but you might just have your next shot to snag a console very soon — Walmart will be offering PS5 pre-orders at 6PM PT / 9PM ET tonight, September 17th. If you want the $499.99 version that comes with a disc drive, click here. If you want the $399.99 Digital Edition, click here.

You should be prepared to act extremely quickly, as PS5 preorders at many retailers seem to have sold out within minutes of going live. If possible, be logged in and make sure your payment info and address are up to date in Walmart’s systems, as the seconds spent typing those in once preorders are live could make the difference between you securing your preorder or not. It’s not unusual for a console to...

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