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Speaker is Fully 3D Printed

[Thomas] is always up to some kind of 3D printing project. His latest? A fully 3D printed speaker. This is possible because of designs by [Paul Ellis] that use 3D printed materials for nearly all parts of the speaker.  You can see and hear the speaker in the video below.

You might expect different parts of the speaker use different filaments. There are also different techniques such as the use of single-wall printing that makes the speaker possible.

There is a bit of hardware involved, and parts that need glue. You can’t just replicate a speaker in one pass, at least, not yet. [Thomas] tests the speaker with raw audio and also with some DSP processing to match the speaker’s characteristics. It isn’t going to put a dent in the audiophile speaker market, but it sounded fine.

The video mentions that this project is at the limit of what you can do with a common FDM printer. We don’t disagree, but we wonder what other “impossible” projects are really possible with a little ingenuity and invention.

We do see 3D-printed speaker enclosures regularly. We’ve also seen some good results with a 3D printer and a laser cutter, but those speakers do have more exotic store-bought parts.

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