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Apple sues NSO Group over state-backed spyware

Apple is more than a little angry at NSO Group for developing spyware tools. The iPhone maker has filed a lawsuit against NSO to "hold it accountable" for governments spying on and targeting Apple device users. In addition to punishing NSO, Apple also seeks to ban the surveillance software developer from using Apple products for future research.

Apple senior VP Craig Federighi acknowledged that NSO Group's Pegasus spyware is only aimed at surveilling a small number of users on multiple platforms, including Android, but that the targets are frequently activists, journalists and other critics of regimes that routinely suppress political dissent. Apple further accused NSO of "flagrant violations" of federal- and state-level laws in the US.

The lawsuit also sheds more light on NSO's reported "FORCEDENTRY" exploit. According to Apple, intruders pushed FORCEDENTRY by creating bogus Apple IDs to send malicious code without alerting targets. Apple said its servers weren't compromised in the process, but it clearly wasn't happy that its account system was used for this surveillance.


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